Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Back to School so Soon

It is hard to believe that the kids all start back to school a week from this Thursday. Where has the summer gone? I am not happy that school starts back so early in August. Hunter is going into 6th grade, Zach into 8th grade and Sommer is a senior!! Wow, no more children in elementary school - just me because I was not promoted!! My classes start back August 23, so I still have a little time before I have to hit the books again.

We went to Panama City for the weekend and stayed in a beautiful condo. I wish I had been able to get to the beach but I am still scooter bound. Did get in some good shopping at Pier Park though!! I think the kids had a good time. My brother and his family are coming down in October so hopefully I will be able to go over and visit with them while they are here.

Sommer had an interview at Toys R Us today so we are keeping our fingers crossed that she gets the jpb. Jobs are just so hard for teenagers to get these days. My first job was working at Long John Silvers in Las Vegas, NV...I loved that job!!

I g back to the orthopedic dr next Wednesday and I am really hoping he will ok me to start physical therapy on my foot and I can start walking again. It will have been 14 weeks since surgery when I see him...that is a long time to be homebound.

Hunter's friend Matthew is still in TMH and not having a very good day today. They placed a trach on Wednesday and they are needing a bigger trach. The family is talking about transferring him to Shands, and I think that would be the best thing for him at this point. Poor guy has been in the hospital for 4 weeks.

That is all for now. I think I will get off the computer and get ready for bed. Have a great evening!!

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  1. you need to proofread your stuff (our fingers crossed that she gets the jpb) (I g back to the orthopedic)