Saturday, August 14, 2010

Update on Our Friend Matthew!!

I have talked a little bit about Hunter's friend Matthew who had a terrible horseback riding accident back in early July. He was moved from TMH to Shands Children about little more than 1 week ago and he is doing SO much better. He still has the trach but they have been able to ca it off and he is breathing on his own for up to 24 hour period...woo hoo!! Hopefully, he will be trach free in a very short time. He is also going to be transferred to a rehab facility in Jacksonville soon. He may have to be there for up to 2 months but it will get him used to being "human" again. He was basically sedated , and in the bed, for almost 5 weeks. HIs body needs time to regroup and come back to life.

Needless to say. We are very excited about the progress he has been making. We hope to go and visit with him soon.

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