Friday, July 23, 2010

A HUGE Surprise in Today's Mail!!

I got the mail today and did not really look through it until a couple of hours after I had brought it inside. There was an envelope there from a student organization called People to People which was founded by Dwight D. Eisenhower. Imagine my surprise after reading the first sentence and it said that Zachary has been invited to go and study in Japan during the summer of 2011!!! Ok, I admit I had to pull myself of the floor after reading this news!! Of course, he is ready to go NOW!! There is an information meeting in September so I guess we will go and see what this is all about and what the cost involved is. He can receive high school credit for going so that is good. I will let you know what happens. One thing is certain, I know a certain sister whois going to be very jealous!!!

Not much else going on. Had physical therapy this morning and then went to Wal-Mart...the exciting life I live. Hunter's friend Matthew is still in the ICU at TMH and not doing very well. They are looking at taking him off the vent this coming Tuesday and placing a trach...I am not happy about this at all. He has been on the vent for 2 weeks and has just made no improvements...his biggest problem at this point is the pneumonia he just can't seem to shake. Hopefully he can turn a corner before Tuesday.

More later. Enjoy your weekend.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

A New Week Starts!!

Well, today is Sunday and the start of a new week. Of course, I am home alone once again. Chuck had to work today and the boys went to grandmama's. Sommer is in bed still sleeping and I am at the computer. I am BORED!! I have my boot and I can now drive, but I have no one to put my scooter in the car for me. I will be so excited when I finally get okay to put weight on my ankle.

Chuck works tomorrow and then he is off for 3 days. I have an eye dr appt on Tuesday and the boys are having a friend spend the night on Thursday. I also need to get busy and start making my niece Gracie her Strawberry Shortcake blanket. Oh, I also have a PTA meeting at school tomorrow!! Such a busy week...not!

Not much else going on today. I need to figure out a way that I can get in the pool and float!! I am tired of the pasty white skin this summer!! Maybe figuring out how to get in the pool will be my project for the week.

I will let you know how that goes!!

More later.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I Went to the Dr. and...

Yes, I am now the proud owner of a new boot!!! I still can not out any weight on the foot but I can finally shave my leg and take a real bath again!!! My leg looks like an overgrown Chia pet!!! I was actually surprised that they did not take xrays today. I go back on August 11 so maybe, hopefully, then I will get to start walking again.

Not much else happened today. We ate lunch at Sonny's and then went to the mall. The boys found some shorts and shirts and I got some new cotton tube socks!! Have to wear tube socks with the boot.

Hunter's friend Matthew had a horrible accident with a horse at camp last week. He has been in the pediatric ICU at TMH. We called and checked on him while we were in town. He was holding steady. Poor kid has had a rough week. I had planned on going by Toys R Us and picking up some goodies for him but my scooter died. When he gets home from the hospital he will be on bed rest for a little while. I thought I would get him some games and things he could do to keep him occupied. Since I can drive again, I told Hunter he and I would go back into town one day and get some things for him.

That is all for now. Gotta get busy and watch Reba!! Since I have not been able to do anything this summer I have fallen in love with her show!!!

Talk to you soon.

Monday, July 12, 2010

I'm getting Antsy!!!

Wow, it is already July, where has the summer gone. school will be starting in less than 1 month for my kids...hard to believe. I don;t return to my classes though until August 24 so that is good.

I go back to the orthopedic office tomorrow and I am so hoping that I can go into a boot and get out of this cast!! Keep your fingers crossed. I have been casted since May and I am just getting tired of it and I am having a hard time getting to sleep at night...signs it is time to shed the cast!! I still will not be able to put weight on the foot but I will be out of the cast!!

Not much else going on around here. Took my mom out to dinner on Saturday since her birthday was this past Sunday. We went to El Jalisco and ate mexican food. It was delicious and yes, she got pied in the face!! It has been so hot outside...hello Florida summertime.

That is all for now. I will update tomorrow and let you know if I got out of the cast or not!!! I am keeping my fingers crossed!!