Sunday, January 8, 2012

My Birthday!!!

Well, yesterday was my birthday!! I turned 45 years young!! I really do not think of myself as being 45 years old...I so not usually feel very old at all!!!

All the boys in my family took the boat out yesterday and went fishing. That left Sommer and me at home alone with not much to do!! My mom and dad came by right after lunch and brought me a birthday cake - German Chocolate that my mom made for me!! Sommer and I then went to Tallahassee for a little retail therapy. It was my birthday but I bought her a pair of Five Finger shoes!! I had actually ordered her a pair for Christmas but they were too big. We then went and looked at her new townhouse that she and 2 friends will be moving into in the next couple of weeks. She then took me out to eat at the Mellow Mushroom...LOVED it!!! The boys called when we were paying our bill and wanted to know where I wanted to go for dinner!!! Ugh...I was so not hungry at that point!!! Anyway, we went home and then Chuck took me out to eat at Miller's Ale House. I was so full when I went to bed last night I felt horrible!!!

Not much else went on yesterday. My bestie Stacy called to wish me a Happy Birthday and my brother Chris and SIL Kim both texted me a birthday wish. Chuck brought me back a secret locking box from Bahrain, a walnut camel and then he also got me a Pandora necklace...LOVE it!! I also got a lot of FB love from friends yesterday!!!

Tomorrow starts a new school week. I am subbing 2 days this week and 2 days the following week. I really did enjoy being back in the classroom last week when I subbed in 2nd grade. I have applied for 2 jobs in Leon County but have not heard anything back, although I am not really expecting too. I will be happy to sub the remainder of this school yeear and then start looking for a job for the 2012 school year.

That is all for now!!!