Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Lots of Changes!!!

Well, it is the first part of May already!!! Hard to believe we are already in the 5th month of 2011...where has the time gone? There are lots of changes getting ready to occur in my life around here. In April I finished all of my classes toward my degree. The only thing left is my internship that will take place in August...I am excited. I still do not know at which elementary school I will be placed, but I am looking forward to this next step.

Another big change for me is PTA. After tomorrow, I will be done with PTA. It is a very bittersweet feeling as I have been PTA president for the past several years and was Volunteer Coordinator prior to that. I have been involved in our school since 2005 in some capacity or another. We had a great spring festival this past March and so I am happy that I am going out knowing that I have done my very best. I will now have to figure out what to do with all of my spare time!!

Right now, for the month of May, I am taking a day class. Very strange to be going to class in the morning, but I am finding that I really do like it. Also, I have a pretty terrific teacher.

Another big change is that Sommer will be graduating from high school. That is huge and shocking to me all at the same time. It does not seem possible that she is getting ready to start college. She was accepted at SCAD in Savannah, GA., but has decided that she wants to start at TCC to get her basic and to really try to decide what she wants to do. She has thoughts of being a high school teacher.

Chuck has been out of town since the middle of April. He is down in Miami training on the 767. He will be home the Wednesday before Sommer's graduates. Talk about cutting it close. She all but has her bags packed and is ready to move into her own place!!

Well those are all the changes I can think of that are coming up in the near future. Zach and Hunter will both be leaving in June. Zach will be going to Europe with People to People for 19 days and Hunter will be going to camp in North Carolina for 6 weeks.

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