Saturday, May 14, 2011

Just a Few Things

Well, I hope that everyone had a fantastic Mother's Day last weekend. I spent mine on the road driving back from Miami!! The boys and I left Friday morning on an impromptu trip to drive to Miami and visit Chuck. We had not seen him since the middle of April and he will not be home until May 25!! He unexpectantly ended up with the weekend off se we loaded up the van and off we went.

We had a great time. We lived down in Pembroke Pines in 2000-2001 and we never ventured to South Beach. Well, we ventured this time and boy did we see some interesting sights!! Some things are just not for public viewing!! We also had the chance to go and see the Norweigan Epic leave port for its Transatlantic repositioning cruise. We are going on the Epic in March so it was great to see the size of the boat we will be on. We typically cruise with Royal Caribbean so going on Norweigan will be a new experience. We have been on one other cruise line and I was NOT impressed.

I finally received my internship placement yesterday. I will be in the 3rd grade at Riversink Elementary, and I am very excited. I love 3rd grade and do a lot of subbing in 3rd grade so I am a little familiar with the curriculum. In no way am I saying I have it down because I still have so much to learn and I have a great teacher to work with.

Sommer's last full week of high school is this week. I am sad, hard to believe she is going to college in a couple of months. She is ready to move out with her friend and is already looking for an apartment!!

In other news of interest, I was totally bummed they voted James off American Idol this week. Really!! I do not care who wins now but I will continue to watch since I have already invested so much time in the I have to watch Steven Tyler!! I do NOT like Scotty at all. Enough said!!

Hope to have a great weekend and get some homework and hose cleaning out of the way.

See you later!!

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