Thursday, May 19, 2011

Sommer's Last Day of School...High school that is!!

Well, I knew it would happen sooner or later. I just did not realize how soon it would happen. How is is possible that it has been 18 years since I gave birth to my beautiful little girl? I remember bringing her home from the hospital like it was yesterday. I remember her first day of kindergarten like it was yesterday. How is it possible that she will be making the graduation walk next Friday night? My girl has grown up and says she is old enough to now fly the nest and live on her own!! Really!!! I'm not sure that I am in agreement with all of these changes!!

Yesterday was the last school day for seniors. She was so excited, and I was excited for her. They were told they could NOT come back to campus until next Wednesday for Baccalaurette practice and to pick up their cap and gown. Wow, pick up your cap and gown!!! I need to be sure and take a couple of boxes of Kleenex with me to graduation!!

Life will continue but for now I am sitting here going through old pictures...I better get them picked up before she comes in and finds me a sobbing mess!!

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