Friday, April 29, 2011

The Royal Wedding

Well, how many of you got up to watch the wedding of Price William and Kate Middleton? I did. I remember watching when Prince Charles and Lady Di got married. I was going into the tenth grade, and on the day of the wedding I was traveling from Rogers, Arkansas to Tuleta, Texas, to spend the summer with my aunt and grandmother. I remember I would not get in the car until my Aunt Marcie had her portable television set up so I could watch the wedding. Portable televisions were a new thing in those days!! I remember driving and having to move the antenna all around to keep the channels. I was so in LOVE with Princess Diana and was totally heartbroken when she passed away. I know she was smiling down on Prince William today and would be very proud of the choices he has made in his life. That being said, I LOVED this Royal Wedding too!!! I was a little surprised to read later this morning that Kate would not be receibing the title Princess since she is a commoner...REALLY!! That is so not right...she is already know as Princess Kate!!!

I got up at 4 am to start watching. I also had to get Sommer up because she was leaving on her senior trip this morning. Even Zach got up and was all into the royalness...who would of thought he would be interested! I could go on and on about this mornings activities but I will not. I wish I could have been in London but I have given Zach strict instructions bring me something back from London when he is over there this summer. I wonder if there is a Pandora charm to commemorate the occasion!!

Not much else going on. I finished my last class last night...woo hoo. One of my classmates mother's brought us an adorable cupcake cake to celebrate. Now to get through internship and find a job. I do have a class in May, but it is a piece of cake, a pre-req I never got to take. I still do not know where I am doing my internship, but I do know it is not at Crawfordville Elementary. I am very heartbroken about that, but I will survive. I feel let down because the whole reason I even decided to go back to school was because of the entire community at CES. They have supported me along this entire journey and for that I am forever grateful.

Well, I need to get busy addressing Sommer's graduation announcements while she is sway for the weekend.Hard to believe that graduation is less than a month away. My baby girl has grown up!! Let me go dry my eyes and get busy!!!

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