Thursday, April 21, 2011

Portfolio Review is OVER!!!!!

Well, last night I had my portfolio review. This is my last step before I get to intern in the fall. I was not nervous going in last night. I was to go in, talk about 3 of my artifacts, my philospohy of education, and why I want to be a teacher. Well, I guess I never should have walked in the door!! There are 4 reviewers in the room with you, 1 seasoned teacher, and then the remaining 3 are previous interns or recent graduates. I knew two of the interns but did not know the other intern or the teacher. Come to find out, the seasoned teacher did not like why I want to be a teacher....REALLY!! Everyones reasons for going into a career are different and personal, who is she to say my beliefs are not correct....REALLY!!! I am going into this because of my kids, plain and simple. Because of the elementary school they attend, the the caring community of adminstrators, teachers, and staff at the school. If not for their support and encouragement, I might not have embarked on this journey. I LOVE being in the classroom. Like every teacher, you want to make a difference in the life of a child. We were told not to be cliche in why we wanted to be a teacher. I was not, I spoke from my heart. I guess I also used a slangterm that she did not like too. I said that one of my projects was a "booger" to get done...I meant it was a tough project in the amount of time we had to complete the project. Seriously, you get upset because I said that. By the time, I walked out of that room, I was dripping with sweat. I was not nervous going in but I was a compete wreck when I walked out. This review is just a reflection of our work over the past three years. We are to talk about what we have learned and gained from our experiences so far. I have passed all of my classes with excellent grades so it is not like I can be failed. I have all A's with the exception of 1 C and 1 B. The C was for a summer class I had to take, and my daughter was sick and in hospital during this class...I was not always fully paying attention during class.

Bottom line, I passed the review with out having to make any corrections to my portfolio. You can not be failed because of someones opinion. It just upsets me because I have worked my tail off the past 3 years, and this reviewer wants to nick pick something that is a personal choice.

In other news.....I only have 1 more class to go and I am finished with all classes. My current class is done next Thursday night, and I am talking a pre-req class that I have never been able to take in May. I am interning in the fall and I am very excited to finally be at that point. I am very proud of myself for making it through this exhausting journey. There were many times I wanted to throw in the towel, but because of the support that I have received, I continued trucling along. Many thanks to all who have helped and supported me over the past many years!!!

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