Thursday, April 7, 2011

Lots of Stuff...Part 1

Wow, it is April. Where has the time gone. I have been so busy with my classes, I hardly have time to do anything but HOMEWORK!! The good news, this months class is my LAST class!! I do have a class in May, but that does not count as far as I am concerned!! It is a prereq class that I never had the chance to take. I will get to intern in August and then in December I will finally graduate!!! It has been a very long 3 years!!

In other news, Sommer turned 18 about 2 weeks ago. I can not believe my baby girl is did that happen so fast. In other good news, she was accepted at SCAD, Savannah College of Art and Design, in Savannah, GA. I really wish she would decide to go there, but I am not sure what her plans are. She says she wants to start off small at our local community college and go from there. SCAD is a private school and expensive, but we told her if she wanted to go, we would get here there!! I mom can only hope!!

My niece Chloe, who turned 1 on my anniversary, took a tumble down the stairs last week and cracked her noggin..poor little thing. She does have a small skull fracture, but she is back home being as wild as ever. I remember when Zach was little, maybe 15 months, and I had rocked back in the recliner, and coming down did not realize he was underneath and came down on his small head. I was mortified and felt like the worst mother. He was ok, but still.

Chuck started a new flying job in January, went to class in January, came home in February, and has been home ever since!! He started out on the DC-8,and is now going back to class in2 weeks to fly the 747...must be nice to not have to go to work and still get paid!!! granted, I am so NOT complaining!! He will leave for class on April 17, and get home on May 24, 2 days before Sommer's graduation!! Talk about cutting it close!!!

Zach's trip to Japan was rescheduled due to the earthquake, and he is now going on a 19 day European trip to 7 countries. Hunter will leave on June 26 to go to camp in North Carolina for 6 weeks. We have some busy months in front of us.

That is all fro now, but I will update again soon!!

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