Friday, November 6, 2009

What a week.

This has been a week. Tomorrow is Zach's 13th birthday! Wow, has it really been that long since he was born? Hard to believe. He is not doing a big party this year and has opted to just have 2 friends spend the night. We are going to go eat at Five Guys tomorrow for lunch though!!

On a sad note, we had to put our beloved chocolate lab, Cocoa, to sleep. We have been outting this off for a very long time and it was just time. I know she is in a better place but it is still so hard not having her here with us. She and Zach have the same birthday but Cocoa was 1 year older. We really do miss you Cocoa.

Also, a little boy by the name of Gavin Owens is losing his fight with Mitochondrial Disease. I have been following his blog for awhile and it is so sad. He is only 3 years old and he has touched so many lives with his story. I can only imagine what his family must be going through.

I have been busy with school. Only one more class to go before Christmas break. I am scheduled to do a retake on my GK - Math exam on November 11. I have to pass in order to take classes in January. Nothing like a little pressure. Seriously, who cares about the length of a shadow a tree makes!!

The kids have also been busy with school. Sommer is looking forward to her Euro trip in April and has also been busy looking into college. Can not believe my daughter will soon be going to college. She says that she would like to be a high school art teacher or a world history teacher.

That is all for now. On my way to see the eye doctor. Have a great weekend.

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