Monday, November 23, 2009

Tired and Aggravated...

What a week. I can not believe that Thanksgiving is only a couple of days away and then Christmas. I have been subbing fifth grade the past couple of days and they have worn me out - such sassiness!! After work I then head off to class and do not get home until 9pm...I am worn out this week and I have an exam tomorrow night. I should be studying but I just can't get my mind on it.

Went back to the eye doctor this afternoon and my cornea is finally healed - only took a little more than 3 weeks. I do not have to go back until December so that is good. My appt ran late so I was more than a little late for class tonight. Oh well, got to get your priorities in order.

Also found out that in April I will have another niece. I have always been able to see my new niece or nephew not long after they have been born but that will not be the case with this one. I am sure there will be enough family there that I will not be missed. Oh well, at least I won't get in the way.

Can't wait to go shopping on Friday!! I am actually doing alot of my shopping on line this year. I saw an ad last night that said Old Navy was opening at 3a.m.!! Way too early for me. I do plan to avoid Toys R Us this year ... our store was just remodeled and it is horrible. There is no way to even get 2 buggies down an aisle.

Oh well, that is all for now. Sommer is wanting to look something up on the internet and I need to get to bed. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.

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  1. Excuse me, but you WILL be missed and would never be in the way! You are so much help! I wish you could be here, who knows maybe this child will arrive in March! Maybe on Summer's and your Dad'd birthday!