Saturday, September 26, 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy....

Wow, what a week. I was so glad when it was 3:35 p,m, on Friday!!! I subbed in 4th grade on Thursday and Friday and they kept me on my toes. A good many of the kids I had in class I have known since they were in 1st grade so it is so hard to believe they are now 4th graders with hormones starting to rage!!! On Friday afternoon I had to have a little talk with the kids about being "popular" and "not popular". A couple of girls had their feeling hurt during the day and were in tears - friends calling friends names!! Overall, I had a good 2 days.

In my Art Methods class on Thursday we made a Pinch Pot and that was alot of fun. Clay is alot of fun to work with and a great stress reliever. This is a 4 week class and we are having to turn in 30 lesson plans and 2 unit plans. Let the fun begin.

Summer and her friends have been hanging out on the weekend. Last weekend they went rock climbing and this weekend they went to Tallahassee and walked around the downtown marketplace. I am sure the traffice was horrible as FSU was playing a game this afternoon (they lost). She is still looking for a job so hopefully something will turn up soon. She does not want to work fast food becuse of her eating disorder and I respect that decision. She has painted a couple of wall murals for our next door neighbor so maybe she will get a couple of jobs from that or maybe even do some babysitting. Keep your fingers crossed she finds something soon, she is about to break me!!

Hope everyone had a great week and a great weekend. So far so good for us. I am looking forward to just relaxing tomorrow.

See ya later.

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