Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Hunter's Birthday and other happenings

Well, my baby turned 11 years old today. That just does not seem possible. For that matter Zachary should not be getting ready to turn 13 and Sommer sure should not be 16!! Wow, time has flown by!! Hunter did not have a birthday party this year. Time got away from me in trying to plan a party so I bribed him with money - that always works with my kids!!! We did go out with mom and dad and ate dinner at Victor's tonight and then came home and had birthday cake.

Hunter has also signed up to play tackle football this year. I was very surprised when he told me he wanted to do this. So far things have been good and he shows no signs of wanting to quit. I thought he might after practice this past Saturnday - first practice in full pads. I am very proud of him. Said part of the reason he wanted to play was because the football players always get the girls!!

Zach did not want to play football but he does like going to the games for the middle school. Was mad he missed the big middle school tonight in order to go out to eat. He is having a good school year so far. He has been invited to take the SAT and ACT - some 7th grade honor program through Duke University. He says he wants to do it so I guess I will be signing him up for that. I am very proud of him as not many are asked to participate.

Sommer has also been busy with school. She is going on the schools Europe trip over Spring Break, will be gone April 6 - 15. She is very excited about this trip and I am so glad she decided to go. She has also been painting alot and has a couple of paintings she is going to enter in the North Florida Fair.

I have been busy with my classes. This past month has not been a good month but all matters have been straightened out so things should be smooth sailing from here out - I hope!! All the homework is about to do me in. I do not know what I was thinking when I decided to go back to school. At least the end is getting near.

Chuck has been busy with work. Even though he now works close to home he is never home!!! Go figure.

That is all for now. Time for bed.

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  1. I can't imagine Z being 11. He is already such a little man.

    Good luck with school, friend. I was in grad school after Z was born, and I remember wanting to pull my hair out some days. ; )

    Thank you for your sweet words. They lift me up!