Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Back from Cozumel!!!

Well, we made it back from Mexico and no one got sick!!!! The cruise was a lot of fun...I did miss Chuck since he was not able to take off from work and go with us. The kids did pretty good and I did not have to get on to them too much!! This was our second cruise so we knew a little of what to expect this time around. Our first cruise was on Royal Caribbean and this last one was with Carnival. Now, not to put Carnival down, I do prefer Royal Caribbean. Obviously each cruise has its pluses and minuses. Carnival has a great water park on board with some great water slides and Hunter enjoyed Camp Carnival.

Can not believe that school is going to be starting up on August 13!!! Where did the summer go to? Well, that is all for now. I got to get busy and start studying for my General Knowledge test I have to take in a couple of weeks. I think I start back to school on August 24 - ugh!!!

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  1. It's about time you updated this thing! Ha! I want to see some pics!! Miss ya'll!