Friday, February 4, 2011

The Young and the Restless...and then some~~

Ok, I know that not everybody watches The Young and the Restless, but come on, did they have to kill Cane off this week!! I am thinking he is not really dead but come on!!! I love the Aussie hunks on that show. And then they brought back Chance...YES!!! I hope he stays around for awhile!!! Anyway, that is my thoughts on this soap!!!

Not much else going on around here!! Yeah, right!! We have a very busy week coming up. Sommer is participating in Model UN this coming Friday at the Capital. I also have my last FTCE exam to take on Friday, along with the school's chili cook off...I need a clone. Plus I have school on Mon, Tues, and Thurs. Is it time for spring break yet?

Chuck came home for a visit for a couple of days. The kids and I were very happy to see him. He has gone back to Cimcinnati and will not be back until the end of the month. We took our cat Nikki to the vet on Tuesday and found out that he has diabetes. We are now treating the cat with insulin and a high protein diet..the cat gets to eat 3 meals a day...he is VERY happy about that!!

Anyone been watching American Idol? I love me some Steven Tyler!!! As a matter of fact, I am listening to some Aerosmith as I type!! Also found out that Bon Jovi has added dates to Atlanta and Orlando, so I am geting tickets to go see them in May!!!

Well, that is all for now. I need to get back to working on my portfolio. I have portfolio review in April and I am NOT ready at all. I need to get busy!!!

Have a great weekend.

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