Sunday, January 30, 2011

One Class Down, Three More to Go...

Wow, I can not believe that January is over with. How did that happen so fast. The good news is that I am getting closer to being done with classes. As long as a pass the FTCE Subject Area K-6 exam in 2 weeks, I will be interning in the fall. The light is actually starting to shine through the tunnel.

Chuck has been in Ohio the past 2 weeks training with ATI. Yeah, he is finally back to flying!! We waitied a long 2 years for that to come about. We are so happy for him.

I am busy with classwork, and also with PTA activities. Our Chili Cook Off is coming up in about 2 weeks and then the Spribg Festival is in April. I need to get on the ball and start working on donations for the festival. I am also busy fundraising for Zach's trip tp Japan in June. Just call me to fundraising QUEEN!!!

I know this is short but I got work to get done. I will try to get back to blogging a little more frequently in the near future...I hope anyways!!!

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