Sunday, November 14, 2010

Where Has the Time Gone...

Wow, I can not believe it has been almost 2 months since I last updated this blog!!! I was doing so good about doing a weekly update...then homework struck!! That si my excuse and I am sticking to it!!! I have been busy with school and only have 1 more class left this semester is my last semester of book work and then I get to intern, student teach, in August!!! I have been doing my practicum this semester in 7th grade. I was SCARED at first, but by lunch the first day, it was a breeze and I have really enjoyed the middle school. Since I am a dual major, I will be certified to teach regular ed K-6 and ESE K-12. I am also going to take the Middle School Integrated so I can teach regular ed at the middle school level.

The kids have also been bust. Hunter killed his first deer last weekend in Georgia. It was Zach's birthday weekend, but he was not as lucky. Oh well, there are more hunting weekends to come. Sommer has been busy working and doing school work. She has been drawing like crazy this past weekend. Chuck and the boys went to Pensacola this past weekend and saw the Blue Angels...I stayed home and cleaned out my closet!!!

In October, Zach and I took a one day trip top Panama City to see my brother and his family. I FINALLY got to meet my new little niece Chloe...such a sweetie. I so enjoyed seeing them all...we never get to spend time together since we live so far, 10 hours, away...we need to work on making more family time!! I took the supplies and made goop with Weston and Gracie...I think they had fun with that. Next time we will make Ice Cream in a Bag!!!

So much I need to write about but just can't get my thoughts organized. I will write more later....I promise.

Have a great week!!!

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