Sunday, September 5, 2010

Another Week has Gone By....

Well, another week has gone by. The year is really moving at fast pace, or so it seems!!! Sommer started her first "real" job today at Subway!! She was so nervous before she left this morning, but when she got home, she said that everything went well. She is working with a girl whom she used to be really good friends with, but not so much anympre. They did real well today and maybe this is the start of them getting to be friends once again!! I will keep my fingers crossed and my mouth shut!!!

My classes have started back and they are not so bad...yet!! I made a 49/50 on my first test so that was GREAT!!! I am doing my practicum hours in a 7th grade classroom and that has actually been alot better than I expected. I was very scared about being at the middle school, but I think I actually like it!!

Not much else really going on. Chuck is going to be on TV tomorrow. He is going to be presenting the Wal-Mart check on the Jerry Lewis telethon!! Woo Hoo, go Chuck!!! Sommer does not work again until Tuesday, and I have our first PTA meeting of the year on Thursday!!! It will be a busy week but i only have to go to class one time this week!!!!

Getting ready to take Z over to grandmama's so I gotta run!!! More later.

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