Sunday, April 18, 2010

Where Has the Time Gone...

Wow, the months are just flyinh by. Chuck and I went on our cruise, took the boys to Disney World over spring break and Sommer has been to Europe and back. The best thing...I only have 2 weeks of school left!!! I so need a break from classes. Our school festival is next weekend and I am SO behind. I am the PTA president and I have so much to get done and not enough time to get it done. Oh well, this is what always happens and it end up being great in the end. The past couple of years we have been able to raise over 20,000 for the school but I am really worried about this year. The economy is really hurting us. Oh well, we will be happy with whatever we raise as it all stays at our school!

My right foot was casted this past Tuesday. Bummer. I am scheduled for surgery on May 4 so hopefully that will not change. I g back to see Dr. Guyer on April 26 and that will be when I find out if the surgery is a go or not. Worse case scenario, it will be put off for a couple of weeks. The boot I had been wearing was rubbing an ulcer type sore so they decided to cast me instead. Keep your fingers crossed that all is healed!!

We took the boys to Disney over Spring Break. We went to Epcot and Hollywood Studios. We had a blast!!! We stayed at the Disney All Star Music Resort and it was a really nice place. We still have a 1 day park ticket left and 3 water park/Quest tickets left to use before October. We rode the Rockin Roller Coaster at Hollywood Studios and that is some ride!!! If you go, you have to ride that ride!!!

well, I gotta run. I have to work on a lesson plan for school and do some other things. I will update next week after festival.

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