Friday, December 11, 2009

Wow!! It is Almost Christmas

What a week it has been. Tuesday night was my last class for the semester so I was VERY happy about that. I do not have class again until January!!! It is so nice to not have to go to school at night and be home with the kids and get some things done!!

Chuck's Aunt Florence died earlier this week from a car accident she had a week earlier. She was neat Joplin, MO., and from what we can figure out she was trying to pass an 18 wheeler and hit a car head-on. The driver of the other car was also killed in the accident. Very sad and tragic for all families involved. She would have been 88 in January. She lived a great life. His mom and dad have gone to Kansas for the funeral and will be back next week.

A little more sad news in our community over the Thanksgiving holiday. A parapro from one of our elementary schools was killed in a domestic dispute. She left behind a 2 year old daughter. She was in school with me getting her teaching degree. She had just finished classes this semester and was getting ready to start her internship in January. Very sad.

The kids only have 1 more week of school until Christmas break and they are VERY excited about that. Sommer has finals the end of the week but she is exempt from more than half of them. Hunter has a Christmas program at school on Tuesday and Zach has exams the end part of the week too. I need to finish my shopping before the end of next week!!

During Christmas break we are going to take Sommer to Savannah, GA. to look at SCAD ( Savannah College of Art and Design). She really wants to go to college there. They are expensive, 30,000 a year , so we have to look at scholarships - keep your fingers crossed for her.

That is all for now. I have to go finish making a blanket for Hunter's football coach.

Have a great weekend.

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